I spend most of my days preoccupied with this matter. Perhaps I am guilty of procrastination. To offer you a poor excuse, this is a typical occupational hazard of writers. Online writers are also guilty of this sometimes. Sometimes, we are just not sure which way we want to go with a particular angle or argument. At the time of writing, I am still trying to glue my mind together with my long legs and arms in understanding health and wellness.

I come from a background of good parental care where my mother, in particular, was quite vigilant with her kitchen preparations. Long before organic foodstuffs was on everyone’s lips, she had already been preparing meals that were as close to organic as we could measure today. Look, if it was not entirely organic in those days, she would always improvise. For instance, if she were to bake a chocolate cake, she would deviously reduce the measures of unhealthy butter and salt and white sugar. That is how concerned she was about her family’s health.

Today, she enjoys at least two cups of Red Bush tea. But she only takes it black. And she takes it with organic or raw honey. In those days, our home’s kitchen fridge was quite unusual. Open it and you would never find a bottle of soda in it. My mother was furiously opposed to this. Being pragmatic with her food and care preparations, she would never have fallen for the juicing craze, today, she still hasn’t, but you can be sure that there was always a bottle of orange or guava juice waiting for us in the morning or over lunch.

Unfortunately, and we did not know this at the time, our sweet-tasting juices were so heavily overloaded with sugar content. Today, it’s a good idea to try out your own juicing, whether you are going to be using a manual orange squeezer just like my father and grandfather used to, or one of those fancy smancy juicing machines you find all over the show today (girls, please don’t go and spend a fortune, you really don’t need to), because you will, after all, only be dealing with fresh produce. There is no white sugar about.

The only sugar that is to hand is the natural variety contained directly in your fruit. Today, my mother knows this well, but it is a challenge for her. She does not quite have the patience for juicing like some of you may soon have. She is set in her ways and is quite happy to spend a few extra bob on a good bottle of organic, sugar free juice for her and dad. Perhaps you have been there. I left my folk’s home quite early in life, and it was only a matter of time before I fell into some rather nasty and unhealthy habits. So today it is still very much a case of the spirit being willing while the flesh is still weak.

In my case, it has become more of a mind matter and today I am quite anxious to fully appreciate what it means to be both healthy and well. But boy oh boy, do I still have some way to go before I get there.