Please forgive this writer. Forgive me if my article sounds as though it is the beginning of a literary account. It could not be helped. I am modest in my affirmation of this and, in actual fact, should not be making any form of apology for this. I am, of course, a writer by trade, and have been practicing this craft for quite some time now. In all modesty, it is only recently that I have started to preoccupy my mind and time with health issues and healthy lifestyle outcomes. It is not so much that the professional opportunities of doing so fell into my cozy little lap, but it has become more of a self-conscious and personal choice.

By the way, I do hope you enjoyed my previous articles and I do hope that we are off to a good start. It is also hoped that my editor finds it profitable enough for us to pursue this health and wellness journey for a lot longer than it is hoped. The subject is rather broad, so I personally feel that a lot more time and space is needed, in any case, to have discussions on how to be well. Like most editors are, my editor is also quite precocious and commercially driven. Well, good for her, and I do hope she sees her way towards placing more money in our lean pockets. As the case may be, while she is all in for a discussion on health, fitness and endeavoring to be well, she’d like to see us bringing in the ever popular and somewhat controversial practice of juicing.

And so it is. I have had more than enough time to gather my thoughts, so we had better get on with it then. I have been juicing on and off for a while, but to be quite honest with you, not quite enough to self-proclaim myself as a juicing expert. I am also not going to be declaring myself to be a juicing fanatic. Juicing, to my mind, is only one part of the complete health and wellness factotum. So I have been thinking. Why not make practical organic juicing concepts part of a future health and wellness strategy. In one of my earlier articles, you may recall that I made mention of the fact that there is a lot to be learned and gained from this healthy trade, or trend, as everyone on the internet is calling it.

I can’t see how it can be a trend now. After all, it has been around for a number of years. Anyway, perhaps that’s just me musing on a bit. Anyway, going the juicing route becomes a neat learning curve for you when you are planning a new health, fitness and wellness program for yourself. Juicing forms part of your healthy eating plan. The eating plan is going to comprise a good balance of all essential ingredients; your minerals, vitamins and proteins, antioxidants, calcium, and so forth. The thing I like about juicing is that you really need to interrogate each and every fruit and vegetable to see what it can do for your body and soul before you toss it into your juicing jug.

You are always blown away, and sometimes quite carried away, when it comes to satisfying your taste sensations, but trying out new flavors opens up a whole new world for you. Cutting out the familiar, those less consumed fruits and vegetables teach you why you may have been lacking before. As you peel, cut and dice each and every fruit and vegetable, you are encourage to research what each one of them does for your body and soul. Just pick up the green apple, or rich ripe green avocado, for instance. You will be filling an entire page in learning of all these two fruits and vegetables’ contents and all the healthy benefits it holds for you.

Boy, did I get carried away with that. But I suppose it can go towards trying to explain on what it means to be well. See this colorful and invigorating exercise as just one part of the whole towards how to be well, but not forgetting that there are other things to take into account as well. I think we have emphasized the requirement to balance your healthy eating plans. Do not forget that it still needs to be accompanied by wholesome physical activity. If you can be active outdoors, then good for you. There is nothing like good old fashioned sunshine D, as in vitamin D.

I see no reason why you need to break your back with exercise. The more important thing is to be enjoying it. If you are not enjoying your weekly exercise routine then it goes without saying that something needs to be changed. We are nearly there in completing the health and wellness puzzle. The clue has been given. When exercising, you must be happy. When doing anything in your life, for that matter, you must be healthily happy. Not complacent or lured into a false sense of security, remembering that money is not everything.

If the job’s not right for you and you are returning home exhausted every night, then something needs to be changed. Part of the reason why you are exhausted is that your stress levels may have been blown sky high and you are overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, always wondering; what next. Finally, you must strive to be happy within. You want to be personally happy, confidently in touch with yourself and in touch with your higher authority. If you are not there yet, there is place for you to learn. You can start by lighting a candle to yourself.