Your future healthy living and eating schedule is going to be entirely organic, that much I can tell you. But unfortunately, it is not going to happen overnight. Relax girls; this is not your fault. The challenge lies before all of us. The produce in our supermarkets continues to make it difficult for us to shop with a conscience and make the informed decisions in favor of our good health. But in eating your way to health, slowly but surely, you can and will learn to adapt and innovate along the way. It takes time to heal so be patient with that.

I have been known to be averse to taking up detox juicing diets on its own for purely personal and practical reasons. Personally, going on a detox juice diet is not easy. I’ve tried it, in fact, I’m on one now. It is just a day long fast. I’ve managed well so far and I have managed to improve my productivity levels as the day wore on, but it’s not been easy. Practically, it just makes no sense to make such a silly sacrifice. Inasmuch as I see myself looking forward to tomorrow, I am going to find myself playing catch up with both body and mind.

But I am fully in favor of juicing as a whole. H’mm, nice turn of phrase or what do you think. Anyway, I think it is a good idea to blend in organic juicing concepts into your day to day, and week to week grocery shopping strategies towards better organic eating outcomes, because working directly with juicing makes you more aware of what the ingredients contain and on learning just what they do for your body, makes you all the more determined to go out there and source them, come what may. But it is still a painful process.

The biggest issue I have with organic shopping remains the fact that our organic produce remains so much more expensive than the conventional, processed and pre-packed goods. All manner of excuses have been offered by the supermarket stakeholders, but one thing I can tell you, I do sympathize with the farmers. In spite of being subsidized in some parts of the world, they are still being hard done by along the food chain from tree to supermarket trolley. But not so much the organic farmers. I wonder why.

Could it be that they are free of all the commercial and government red tape. And if that is so, why on earth are their prices still so much higher. I don’t know. What do you think, girls? What do you think can be done about this? Oh, wait, I know, there is one thing we can all just go and do. We can go and start our own veggie gardens. What a way to save on the grocery bill. The problem is that our garden space is just so small. But, you know what, experts say that it is quite possible to utilize your small space and evolve your mini-crops seasonally.

That way you get to enjoy something different in your kitchen every few months or so. It’s just a pity that we don’t have enough urban space to plant our own fruit orchards, so there we have no alternative but to rely on our producers. But come what may, if you really want to be this healthy, I really do believe it is worth the extra expense. And here, I’m just thinking of the amount of money I’ve managed to waste on other inconsequential items that I never really needed.