I have decided to go to the root of the matter. This healthy matter concerns you. You will do your health a great deal of good if you try out some of my favorite Jack Lalane juice recipes. As to who Jack is, I’m going to leave that up to you. If you are really serious about getting into shape and staying healthy and fit for the long term it is well worth a read. Just look up the legend’s name on the internet. You’ll be enriched with information and inspiration. In the meantime, let me move straight on to a few of Jack’s famous fruit and vegetable juice recipes.

Greens that are sweet

The ingredients are; a handful of spinach and a handful of wheatgrass. There is also two cups of fleshy pineapple to be added. Spinach and wheatgrass contain antioxidant chlorophyll. This ingredient is excellent for protecting the body’s cells and becoming cancerous. DNA is protected against oxidative damage. When chlorophyll is digested, our system then converts part of our red blood cells into hemin.

You need to rinse all your ingredients and cut up your pineapple pieces. After that, all you need to do is juice them. And there you go; juice is served.

Just apples

Three apples to be precise. That’s all. These apples are rich in antioxidants as the cliché goes. But these antioxidants are anti-cancer and anti-heart disease. There you go; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And your heart health in good nick. Keeping the apples’ skins intact is important because they contain a fiber called pectin. This pectin is good for lowering your bad cholesterol levels. Pectin binds with LDL cholesterol in the intestines before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

And what’s next? All you have to do is juice them. Easy, no?

And then add a little ginger and lemon

And the ingredients here are; again, three apples, a quarter lemon and just a slice of ginger root. You don’t need to peel your ginger, just juice it. The ginger content is important here because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is good for relieving you of joint pain and symptoms of arthritis. So, this is a juice for the senior citizens out there. The antioxidant in ginger, simply called gingerol, inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals.

Just vegetables

There are eight altogether. They do a whole lot of good in fulfilling nutritional and medical experts’ recommendations that we all strive to consume at least eight different vegetables per day. This juice recipe helps to take care of the conundrum of not always having the time to fully prepare meals each and every day that contain all eight of these essentials. There are others, many others, too, of course, but this is Jack’s recipe.

Here are all the ingredients; just one half of a beet, half a potato, that quarter of a red bell pepper again, a whole, juicy, red tomato, half a cucumber, three carrots, three broccoli florettes and a slice of ginger. This drink makes your blood stronger; it helps in cancer prevention, promotes healthy skin and boosts your immune system. There are numerous other benefits besides, but why don’t you have a little fun with this in your own time.

We’ve got one heck of a lot of juicing to do at this time, so at your own speed, why don’t you go to the internet and look up each and every vegetable, including the ginger, and have a field day with your research. Find detailed summaries from authoritative links. These will provide you with the entire gamut of what each and every vegetable’s minerals and vitamins do for your body. And, of course, all the results are positive.

More carrots

And with a little red bell and celery added to the mix this time. The red in this case is your red bell pepper. Let’s run through those ingredients for you; you need four large carrots, four celery stems, with its leaves intact and that quarter of a red bell pepper. You’ll be rinsing all of these ingredients as well. Celery is good for reducing high blood pressure, also containing antioxidants that help the arteries’ muscles to relax. Celery also includes vitamin C. This particular vitamin is good for protecting the arteries against oxidative damage.

That’s it for today. Vegetables to pick, and juicing to do. Why don’t you?