I’m like most people. I enjoy a good science fiction story. I indulge in real life stories about UFOs and extra-terrestrials. However, although I find the stories entertaining, I remain a skeptic. One reason is because when I really think about, extra-terrestrials, if they really do exist, they are really pretty worthless in the grand scheme of things. They have not ambitions of a hostile takeover with their super advanced technology so there seems to be no reason for the fear factor. And, on the other end of the spectrum, they seem completely uninterested in mankind, or else are completely lacking in empathy and compassion, because they do not use their highly advanced technologies to end world hunger, share a cure for cancer and fix the messed up environment of this planet. So, ETs are no big deal as far as I’m concerned.

Interestingly enough, though, a first-hand witness to extra-terrestrial activity whom I would actually consider credible is Edgar Mitchell. He was one of NASA’s Apollo 14 astronauts that walked on the moon in 1971. He attributes possibilities of world peace to aliens. I would like to know just when this is going to happen.

Mitchell claims it already has. He asserts that extra-terrestrials intervened to put a stop to the Cold War. Apparently they didn’t think the mutual nuclear annihilation policies of the United States and Soviet Union were good ideas. He told reporters that UFOs were present at every nuclear weapon test performed by the United States. Their spaceships must have excellent radiation shields because, evidently, they were near enough to actually be seen by soldiers and high ranking officers present at the weapons’ tests.

Mitchell attests that one of these incidents occurred at White Sands, New Mexico. This is the test that most Americans are familiar with. It’s the one immortalized in those low budget films kids had to watch in public school to learn how to duck under your school desk and kiss your behind good-bye in the event of a nuclear blast.

Mitchell reports that the extra-terrestrials were not just guests at the very first nuclear bomb test at White Sands, but they were frequent visitors to many military bases. I wonder if they had to wear those little badges on lanyards around their skinny green necks or if they used the little alligator clip to attach it to their wrinkly, grey skin?

Mitchell claims the interest of the extra-terrestrials was nothing more than mere curiosity. They were just wondering if Earthlings were actually going to be able to pull off creating a successful nuclear weapon. I wonder if they were impressed?

But why such curiosity? Are extra-terrestrials naturally curious? Are they like greenish-gray, naked kittens, zipping about the Universe looking at this and poking their noses into that? I don’t really think they had any fear that their remote planet would see Earth’s weapons development abilities as a threat. I mean, compared to their technological standards, we were lucky to limp our way to the Moon and back.

Mitchell’s next assertion only confirms my suspicion that the curious extra-terrestrials have the nature of cats. Like cats will toy with a mouse, it seems the extra-terrestrials did the same to mankind. Humans got pranked. Mitchell claims that often the extra-terrestrials would cause equipment and missiles to malfunction. Sometimes, when testing missiles over the Pacific Ocean, he said they would even shoot down the missiles.

When the U.S. Ministry of Defense was asked about the credibility of Mitchell’s claims, they didn’t exactly denounce his assertions. In fact, Nick Pope, who is a UFO investigator in the Ministry of Defense, even said that Mitchell is respectable and honest. He added that Mitchell’s claims cannot be publicly verified or debunked because of the classified nature of such events like testing military weapons.

And Pope added one more thing that is something I agree with. If extra-terrestrials are really as advanced as they would have to be to travel across the Universe to check out what we’re doing, I doubt that they would intervene in Earth’s development of nuclear weapons in such a primitive way.