I am not a professional life skills planner, gosh, I only wish I were, nor am I a qualified nutritionist, while I am still weak at times, I am using my common sense along with my every day tested conscience, nor am I a fitness freak, but fortunately, I do enjoy being outdoors at times. There is nothing better than good, crisp fresh air to cheer you up in the day. Today and, for that matter, the last few days, has been one of those days for me. I just haven’t been able to see my way out away from my desk and the bed over there does look so tempting.

Being planted on my bum like this for the last couple of days has made me quit miserable, but boyo, boy am I looking forward to tomorrow morning. I need to get out there and do a little more research on the juicing scheme of things. I have not yet perfected a juice diet for myself and unless you are really brilliant, you are not likely to either. In my way to town, I will be able to take full advantage of a steady walk uphill that always does me some good, although I have to wonder why I did not take advantage of required breaks from my desk to stretch my girly legs and walk a few blocks of the neighborhood.

Perhaps that is that then. I just don’t like my neighborhood. It is awful out here. Perhaps while I continue with my pet project on motivating you all to innovate your own juicing regime, I will be able to pull some professional strings and get my ass right out of here and back up to my dream territory. That is a rather pricey neighborhood, and there you go. But boy is the area gorgeous. Nothing but mountains and hills and trees surround you, making you all the more eager beaver to get out there and stretch those miserable legs.

There is this assumption that the affluent life is only for those who can afford it. I’ve only been in this neighborhood for around a year and, not really being a judgmental person as such, one of the things that drag me down to misery is the number of obese men and women I see around me. And these are not old folkies we’re talking about. These are youngsters who look like they’re heading that way. I used to look and feel that way, and I could not stand it. I cannot stand it now, and even I still have some way to go before I can say, yes, I am healthy now, I’m fit too.

And I am also well. That is my dream, girls. Wouldn’t that be lovely? One of the things that dragged me down in the past is leading myself to abject disappointment after setting such lofty goals. These goals were too extreme at the time. I am in the throes of starting from the beginning myself. And you should too. If you want to cut to the chase and alleviate a lot of the research work that goes into preparing a formidable health and wellness program unique to you, you can always key in health and fitness schedule for beginners on your internet search engine and give that one a try.

What really have you got to lose, and why wait? An easy to follow schedule that is not too taxing on your time, emotions and current physical well-being can only do you good. It is just one stepping stone to the next.