This has long been a thorn in my side. It has been my cross to bear, it has been the long fast that I must undergo, call it whatever you will, no matter what your background or lifestyle. Finding the right schedule or recipe towards good health and wellbeing continues to pose challenges, not just for me but a whole bunch of readers out there. Perhaps I am one of the lucky few, because inasmuch as I enjoy my organic fruit and vegetable juices, and smoothies too, I am loathe to fall foul of the juicing craze that I am sure some of you have been reading about occasionally.

Perhaps the procrastination I spoke about earlier was a good thing. Because I was patient and curious both at the same time. Another occupational hazard for writers is that they can be nastily suspicious of everything they read. In other words, they would much rather test the waters before diving head first in at the deep end. I have not quite got this right, or perfect, myself just yet, but I am patient, and so should you be. I am slowly but surely working my mind and body towards eating just right. And so should you.

Do not be too excited about falling head over heels in with the abovementioned juicing mania. Rather, make eating your way to health a top priority. And then you can have all the juice you want, and drink it, and enjoy it, because in any case, if your new eating habits are going to be healthy and balanced, there is always going to be room for another cold fruit juice, a fortifying breakfast vegetable juice and especially a lipsmackingly delicious smoothie. I have said this because there are a number of readers out there who are dangerously contemplating going on what they like to call a juice fast, juice cleanser, or detox juice fast.

Call it what you will, there is no denying this, the detoxification process, in this case, using only fruit and vegetables, does work. It cleanses your body of all those nasty toxins that have been accumulating along your intestines all these months. But here is the thing. It works even better when you are already reasonably healthy, the liver and pancreas are already taking care of the detox for you, so why bother to go juicing at all. The conundrum arose for those who were already desperately overweight and obese, so they wanted to act fast.

Online history and you’ll be seeing a number of such accounts, shows that it worked for these guys and girls. But that’s the thing about our human nature. Whether it’s in an online article or on social media, not too many folks are prepared to talk about their bad, hair-raising days. So when disaster strikes, others are none the wiser on the dangers of risking their health in going on a prolonged detox juice diet. It’s good to start seeing and feeling the fat rolls, well, roll away, but it is even more awesome to be enjoying good health at long last.

And that is precisely what a healthy solids-based balanced diet can do for you.